Tom Allen Enterprises, Inc.

Our Philosophy

We take the time to understand your business.


Ease of Transition and Implementation

We understand the first and most important step is listening to you. Once you have educated us on the needs and challenges of your business, we will map out an implementation timeline and walk you through the process. Our goal is a streamlined, stress-free transition.

As we begin to phase into implementation, a Program Administrator will be assigned to work with you. Each team member has 10+ years experiences in program administration and extensive project management experience.

The success of any regulated program is in ensuring your program will be compliant with all State and Federal Regulations. In support of this belief, Tom Allen Enterprises partners with the nation's foremost employment law team for drug testing policy writing and review services. Tom Allen Enterprises is able to stay up to date on state drug and alcohol testing laws and pending legislation, as well as federal regulations that can impact private sector drug-free workplace programs. We are able to provide you with current analysis of the legal status of drug and alcohol testing on a state-by-state basis and quickly respond to your questions.  

Our Service Approach 

We understand that no two companies are alike. Tom Allen Enterprises will create an all-inclusive drug testing program that will be custom tailored to meet the special and individual needs of your company. 

By working with us, you will receive these distinct benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: Your company will benefit from a streamlined drug testing process, featuring the ability to schedule drug tests electronically. We work with SAMHSA laboratories around the country to ensure that your turnaround time from collection to reporting of results is done as quickly as possible.
  • Integrated Access: Tom Allen Enterprises unique approach to program management will provide you with access to a vast network of collection sites and testing laboratories.
  • Incomparable Service: We offer the rare combination of personalized service and advanced technology. With this approach you will reduce administrative time so you can focus on what you do best.
  • In addition, our Medical Review Officer team facilitates an expedited adjudication process when non-negative results are reported by the laboratory. 
When I accepted the position of DOT Coordinator, we had 5 different TPA’s. Needless to say that was a juggling act. Thankfully, one of them was Tom Allen Enterprises, Inc.

Getting everything rolled into one was going to be difficult, with all of the reporting to several agencies. Working with Laura Saunders and her team made it seem easy. They helped me make changes, gave guidance, and provided help before I knew I needed it. The transition was seamless and correct.

Well worth the money, and, they answer the phone EVERY time I call
— Jim Soltis | Corporate DOT Coordinator